Custom Printed Product Packaging Design Finishing

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Premier Printing and Packaging delivers high-end custom printed corrugated cardboard boxes using our Flexographic printing processes. We can also combine various other printing processes and/or finishing processes to produce a truly custom printed cardboard box for you. 

We produce custom printed corrugated boxes in various thicknesses and sizes.  Custom printed cardboard boxes are often used for shipping, product packaging and also as product displays. Corrugated "cardboard" boxes, are made using fiberboard, which is a material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheets and one or two flat liner boards. These layers help produce a material that provides cushioning and shock absorption which can help product the packages contents. 

Isometric vector cardboard brown boxes on white background vector design element set.This is why the material is often used to produce packaging for shipping goods.  Our boxes are strong and can meet any box compression and burst strength specifications which are required for your product.

We can also apply any of our "special effects printing" finishing options that often includes 3D Foiling & Embossment, Special Coating & Varnish. We also specialize in heat and pressure sensitive labels which can withstand the various elements that you packaging might encounter.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes and Shipping MaterialsBeyond custom printed cardboard boxes for packaging and shipping. We can also deliver custom corrugated packing materials, plastic trays and/or foam packaging materials which maybe required for to adequately fit any odd shaped or fragile products that you wish to protect.


We are the "premier" choice for full-service corrugated cardboard box printing and display printing. We also provide complete fulfillment and distribution services. If you are seeking a printing and packaging partner to assist you with designing and producing your custom printed cardboard boxes and/or packaging, then contact us today to discuss your needs.